pluggable app to enable new facebook oauth (Graph API) in your website
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Django + Facebook Graph API authentication

This is a django app to use the new Graph API authentication with Django. It uses the standard authentication build into Django.

Make sure you read to have an idea of how this is intended to work.

Basic setup for example project

  1. Go into ./example
  2. Set up the FACEBOOK_APP_ID and FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET to your Facebook app (Set one up at
  3. Run python syncdb
  4. Run python runserver
  5. Go to http://localhost:8000 and login!

Here are the differences between a base Django and the ones needed for the example project to run:

AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ('facebook.backend.FacebookBackend', 'django.contrib.auth.backends.ModelBackend')
AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE = 'facebook.FacebookProfile'
FACEBOOK_SCOPE = 'email,publish_stream'
INSTALLED_APPS = ['facebook']


I (ryanmark) added a couple features:

  • When a user logs in successfully, he will get redirected to the url specified in the LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL setting.
  • Can add an setup step for new facebook users.

Adding a setup step

You can force a new facebook user to fill out a form or register for an account. To redirect the user to a setup page instead of automatically creating an account, add this to your


The new facebook user will be redirected to the url route named 'facebook_setup'. Your setup view should look something like this:

def setup(request):
    # we need a code from facebook
    code = request.GET.get('code')

    #you need to be logged into facebook.
    user = authenticate(token=code, request=request)

    if request.method == "POST":
        # Process sign up form
        # django.contrib.auth.login and redirect if successful

    # Display sign up form