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Welcome! This is a demo project of a Holiday (often known as an Advent calendar), built as a demo for an NSCollectionViewItem that has been engineered to be "swipeable". What's that mean?

Well, if you use NSTableView, you get swiping on cells for free - most often seen in, but not unheard of elsewhere. Over on the iOS side of things, this is a pretty common usage pattern, ranging from built-in (UITableView) to excellent open source components (SwipeCellKit). NSCollectionView got an updated API in recent releases of macOS and it would be cool if it could support the same things as SwipeCellKit, at least in my opinion.

I went looking and, lo and behold... well, we'll just be nice and say that the docs for this are a bit "spread out", which is another phrase for "nonexistent". I wound up not using this in a project, so I figured I'd open source as far as I got, along with some next steps in case anybody's interested in continuing with it.

The meat of this, if you're concerned with swiping components, is found in HolidayCalendarCollectionViewItem.swift. It handles the logic for registering two-finger-trackpad touches, and sliding views to the left or right to reveal what's underneath. If you're interested in furthering this, you'll likely want to consider...

  • I haven't tied this into a specific API; I would recommend just taking the SwipeCellKit API approach, or just integrating it into SwipeCellKit itself.
  • Right now the animations are "dumb" in that they don't have a sense of velocity on the drag actions, as getting it in macOS drags can be a bit of a PITA. No reason it can't be done, I just didn't bother.


Unswiped Swiped

What else is here?

This repo could also be used as scaffolding/reference for a nibless Swift Cocoa app, if you're into that sorta thing. I personally think Interface Builder makes anyone who deals with UI in code (web devs, etc) groan out loud, so maybe this goes towards showing it's not that difficult or outlandish to do otherwise.

  • It implements an NSToolbar in code, which... well the docs aren't really friendly to that.
  • It implements an NSMenu in code, which... well, again, you see how this works.
  • Implements window/rootview/etc in code.

License, etc

This is very much a "do-wtf-you-want-with-it" license. Code is as-is.

Questions can be directed to or @ryanmcgrath on Twitter.


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