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Transliterate [Hirag/Katak]ana to Latin/English and back with Python. Convert half/full-width Japanese text.
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jTransliterate - [Hirag/Katak]ana to Latin/English & Back

Sometimes you may want to convert from Hiragana to Katakana, or back again, or... I dunno, maybe you wanna get the English pronunciation of these words. I'll be honest and say it's of no concern or interest to me, but I needed this in Python and so I ported it, figured I'd release it.

It's MIT licensed. Credit for much of this also belongs to Kim Ahlström and his linguistics/etc work on Ve.


pip install jTransliterate

Examples && Documentation

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from jTransliterate import JapaneseTransliterator

# Transliterate from Latin/English to [Hirag/Katak]ana
x = JapaneseTransliterator(u'kanazawa')
print x.transliterate_from_latn_to_hrkt()
# Should print "かなざわ"

# Transliterate from Hiragana to Latin/English
b = JapaneseTransliterator(u'かなざわ')
print b.transliterate_from_hira_to_latn()
# Should print "kanazawa"

# Transliterate from either Hiragana or Katakana to Latin/English
print b.transliterate_from_hrkt_to_latn(text = u'カナザワ')
# Should print "kanazawa"

# Transliterate from Katakan to Hiragana (You... probably never need to do this)
print b.transliterate_from_kana_to_hira(text = u'キットカート')
# Should print "きっとかーと"

# Transliterate from Hiragana to Katakana
print b.transliterate_from_hira_to_kana(text = u'かなざわ')
# Should print "カナザワ" 

# If you want to convert between half/full width kana, you can use the following
# functions. I didn't care enough to do demos here. ;|

Questions, Comments, Complaints and/or etc

Hit me up on them Twitters or find me on them internets at the links below.

Twitter: @ryanmcgrath
Web: Veno Designs

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