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A scraper to find farmers markets from a wonky USDA supplied API.
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This is extracted from a project I was looking to work on, but scrapped due to lack of interest. The USDA Farmer's Market listing API is a rather old API, seemingly built for an era gone by. Included here is a scraper, written in Rust, that walks zip codes in America and polls the API for markets in that area, cleans the data (so that, for example, seasons and markets are corrected) and writes or updates the data in a postgres database of your choosing.

Database integration is done with Diesel, and should realistically only require properly configuring a .env. From there, you can cargo build or cargo build --release and run the resulting binary.


Do what you want with it. You're bound to not abuse the API if you opt to run this; the resulting binary is pre-configured to not overrun the API with requests, and I'd recommend not changing it from that.

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