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A MooTools port of jParallax
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A MooTools port of jParallax, seeing as I couldn't find one.

see jParallax for examples:

How to Use

Assuming an HTML structure of:


    <div class="parallax">
        <img src="images/parallax_drops/0.png" alt="" style="width:978px; height:325px;"/>
        <img src="images/parallax_drops/1.png" alt="" style="width:987px; height:328px;"/>
        <img src="images/parallax_drops/2.png" alt="" style="width:1001px; height:333px;"/>
        <img src="images/parallax_drops/3.png" alt="" style="width:1031px; height:343px;"/>
        <img src="images/parallax_drops/4.png" alt="" style="width:1067px; height:355px;"/>
        <img src="images/parallax_drops/5.png" alt="" style="width:1120px; height:373px;"/>
        <img src="images/parallax_drops/6.png" alt="" style="width:1200px; height:400px;"/>

Then instantiate the class as follows:

    new MooParallax($(document.body).getElements('.parallax'));
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