A Flask implementation of Jian-Yang's HotDog identification app.
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NotHotDog is a Flask/AWS Rekognition implementation of Silicon Valley's 'Not Hot Dog' app.

Building locally

NotHotDog runs on Python 2.7.*

First install setuptools if you don't have it, get it by running (pip): pip install setuptools

Clone the Repo:
git clone https://github.com/ryanml/nothotdog

Navigate to the project root, and run:
python setup.py install

As the label detection relies on AWS' Rekognition service, you'll need to have the aws cli client installed. You may see install information here

Once that is installed, you'll enter your AWS IAM creds after running:
aws configure

The project will serve locally on port 5000 after running:
python -m nothotdog

This is a work in progress, front-end contributions welcome!

Demo: http://nothotdog.ryanlane.se