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FoundIt Game App

FoundIt A social game of eye spy, where users go out into the community to find the locations for each game. The faster you find the location, the more points you accrue.

Created by: Sidhra, Ryan, Ariel

Each User Can:

  • Sign up to the app
  • Join a game by finding locations within that game
  • Edit their profile
  • Find locations when they are within 50 metres of it
  • Create a game
  • Create a location
  • Compare their scores with others using the leader boards


This app is a full stack CRUD app. It was created using:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Bootstrap
  • AWS


We started by brainstorming different ideas for this app. We then planned the functionality and rules of the game, before designing the database. Bootstrap was utilised for the base HTML and CSS so that we could swiftly create a responsive website. However we also put a lot of thought into the design so that it would look interesting, using custom styles, fonts, and colour palettes. Trello was used to keep the team work flow going smoothly. Each of us would create or edit tasks as we were doign them so as to keep the whole team informed.


We used Material Design to come up with a cohesive and interesting colour palette. App Wireframes are in: foundit/wireframes.jpg


The main challenge for this project was keeping up to date with the team commits and pull requests, and navigating the database we created. While we utilised a few new-to-us technologies such as AWS, these were more exciting than frustrating; it was much more of a challenge to make sure the site was programmed cohesively with three different developers working on it.

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