Minimal boilerplate for ES6 (ES2015) JavaScript projects
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ES6 Boilerplate

Minimal boilerplate for ES6 (ES2015) JavaScript projects.


Setup Guide

  1. Run npm install to install the developmental dependencies
  2. If you don't have Gulp installed globally, run npm install -g gulp to do so
  3. Open package.json and change the relevant fields: name, description, homepage, etc.
  4. Open gulpfile.babel.js and change the config variable to reflect the directory structure and filenames you prefer
  5. If you do change the config variable, ensure you mirror the changes in the directory and files
  6. Edit .eslintrc to change the linting rules to suit your preferences

Gulp Tasks

  • gulp lint - Run ESLint against source files, test specs, and the gulpfile
  • gulp test - Run Mocha unit tests
  • gulp coverage - Run Mocha unit tests and generate code coverage reports
  • gulp build - Transpile ES6 to ES5, bundle, wrap in UMD, minify, generate source map, and write to dist directory
  • gulp watch - Watch for changes in files and automatically run gulp lint and gulp test tasks
  • gulp - Default tasks, runs gulp lint, gulp coverage, gulp build, and gulp watch


This project is dedicated to the public domain as described by the Unlicense.