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provide an mp3 with album art, select a start time and duration, and get a webm clip of your podcast
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Podcast Clip Creator

This helps create a short video clip by pulling the album art, title and series metadata from an MP3 podcast file.

This is like Marco's podcast clip sharing feature in Overcast. I don't have an iOS device but I do record podcasts, and wanted to share clips in a similar style.

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As an experiment, some of the library components of this codebase were written with TypeScript.

How does it work?

  1. Select an MP3 podcast file
  2. App extracts album art, title and series metadata
  3. Set start time and duration of recording
  4. Records duration from start time
  5. Outputs a .webm video

At the end of all of this, you get a .webm file which is good, but not great since it does not have compatibility with iOS devices. The app will give you a nice ffmpeg command to run on the downloaded copy of the .webm file to convert it to a more cross platform .mp4 version.


Future goals may include:

  • timeline vs input form time selection
  • .mp4 generation inline in browser

For my own uses, the next version of this kind of tool is:

  • a CLI version; possibly in Rust
  • that may not be JavaScript based
  • that could draw frames programmatically
  • that could interop with ffmpeg directly for increased flexibility and encoding performance
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