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A reliable way to format dates and times in Elm.
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A reliable way to format dates and times with Elm.

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Using the elm package

elm install ryannhg/date-format

What is date-format?

If you're coming from Javascript, you might have heard of MomentJS.

MomentJS is a great library for formatting dates!

date-format has similar formatting options as Moment, but it uses Elm's awesome type system to provide human readable names, and catch typos for you at compile time!

No need to remember the difference between mm and MM and M!

A quick example

import DateFormat
import Time exposing (Posix, Zone, utc)

-- Let's create a custom formatter we can use later:

ourFormatter : Zone -> Posix -> String
ourFormatter =
        [ DateFormat.monthNameFull
        , DateFormat.text " "
        , DateFormat.dayOfMonthSuffix
        , DateFormat.text ", "
        , DateFormat.yearNumber

-- With our formatter, we can format any date as a string!

ourTimezone : Zone
ourTimezone =

-- 2018-05-20T19:18:24.911Z

ourPosixTime : Posix
ourPosixTime =
    Time.millisToPosix 1526843861289

ourPrettyDate : String
ourPrettyDate =
    ourFormatter ourTimezone ourPosixTime

Would make ourPrettyDate return:

"May 20th, 2018" : String

Want more examples?

I've created a few more examples in the examples/ folder for this repo.

Here's how you can try them out:

  1. git clone

  2. cd date-format/examples

  3. elm reactor

  4. Go to http://localhost:8000

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