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Quick 'n' dirty project to test updating a sandboxed NSDocument-based app with Sparkle
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Quick 'n' dirty project that tests how well a vanilla sandboxed NSDocument-based app plays with Sparkle, created to track down a bug we were seeing with Sparkle and the OS X sandbox.

With sandboxed apps, Sparkle needs an XPC service that can be invoked outside of the app's sandbox, to handle replacing the old app with the new app. The bug we hit lies in how Sparkle's XPC service handles its security sessions. By default, all XPC services create their own independent security session. However, with NSDocument based applications using Sparkle, this triggers what appears to be a bug in 10.8.

The newly updated app is launched and inherits the XPC service's security session. On launch, is invoked (I presume to restore state if the app has documents saved outside of its sandbox that aren't tracked by security-scoped bookmarks?). Normally, if the app is in the user's security session, this is an invisible, unremarkable event. However, in the special case of the app being launched by Sparkle's XPC service living in its own security session, this pboxd invocation actually appears as a running process in the Dock that looks identical to the newly launched app.

After following a ton of dead ends, it turns out fixing this issue is quite simple: Sparkle's XPC service needs to declare it should exist in the invoking app's security session. This is done quite simply, by setting JoinExistingSession to YES in the XPCService dictionary of the service's plist.

Anyway, I figure this project serves as a simple test case for updating a sandboxed NSDocument-based app using Sparkle.

The Xcode project has two user-defined build settings: SPARKLE_BASE_URL and SPARKLE_UPDATE_PATH. You will likely need to change SPARKLE_BASE_URL; it’s http://localhost:3000 because I often test with adsf as a local server, and it fires up on port 3000 by default.

When the Current Project Version is greater than 1, this project is configured to create a folder named Appcast on your desktop which hold all of the bits necessary to do a Sparkle update. Place the contents of this directory in the base url path you defined above, or kick off a local server like adsf in that newly created directory.

  1. Double check that the app target's Current Project Version is any value greater than 1, and then build
  2. Invoke a web server in the newly created ~/Desktop/Appcast directory, or upload the contents of that directory to the webserver at the path you defined in the SPARKLE_UPDATE_PATH user-defined build setting.
  3. Clean the project
  4. Change the project's Current Project Version build setting to 1
  5. Build and run
  6. Click the Check For Updates button
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