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Odis, the Latin god of modular limitation. 🔮

If you need debounce or throttle, Odis can help. Odis is the Latin god of modular limitation. Odis is a very helpful god.

Odis' name comes from modularis (modular) and modus (limitation). ⚡️

He also believes in being used internally in a project, just drop these lines somewhere in your lib, the only downfall is that you won't have access to Odis' shortcuts, but you also won't be adding anything to the global object if you are properly wrapping your project. 🎉

Like most gods, Odis hates typing. For this reason, he set up very small shortcuts for accessing his functions. ⌚️

odis.debounce(func, delay) may be expressed as odis.debo() or just odis.d(). Note that the delay argument is optional. The default debounce timeout is 210.

odis.throttle(func, delay) may be expressed as odis.thro() or just odis.t(). Again, the delay argument is optional. The default throttle timeout is 42.

I wrote about the origins of odis in this blog post.


Odis is available via RawGit CDN (v1.1.2):



Add it to your project to use it today:

npm install --save odis


odis.throttle or odis.debounce should be used as a wrapper for the function you want to limit, like so:

    odis.throttle(function () {