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1. Fork and/or clone this Source repository from GitHub
2. Set up a virtual environment for your new project
3. Activate your virtualenv and cd into the project directory
-4. Make sure you have all the development requirements
+4. Fetch the submodule dependancies
-`pip install -r /requirements/dev.txt`
+`git submodule update --init --recursive`
+5. Make sure you have all the development requirements
+`pip install -r requirements/dev.txt`
### Configuration
+The app has a base settings file that can be found at source/settings/, you can override any of the values there inside a file.
+`cp source/settings/ source/settings/`
+Please ensure that you create your own SECRET_KEY and HMAC_KEY
The existing database config points to sqlite for quick testing. If you'd rather switch to MySQL, you'll need to create a new database, adjust the DATABASES dict in source/settings/ accordingly, and then
`python syncdb`

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