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Cast - The Open Deployment Platform
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cast: be a wizard

Cast is a framework for deploying applications, written in Node.js.

Cast provides tools for system administrators and developers to create, 
deploy, maintain, and monitor distributed services, written in any language.

Cast's internals are structured around building RESTful APIs for all 
operations, so that all tasks can be scripted and more powerful tools
can be built on top.

Contributing to cast

Cast is open source under the Apache 2.0 License.

Source code is on github:

The mailing list is on google groups:

Cast is written mostly in Javascript, and we attempt to follow the Google
Javascript coding and style conventions:

In addition, all code should pass jslint and Google Closure's Javascript 
Lint, which you can run like this:
  $ scons jslint
  $ scons gjslint

Cast also uses extensive unit tests, which you can also run via scons:
  $ scons test

If you are adding new features, please make sure they conform to the 
styleguide, pass jslint, and have good test case coverage.

Hacking & Code Style notes

 * Be consistent!

 * Use 'err' and 'callback' for the names of error variables and 
   callback functions respectively.

 * When exporting symbols, attach them directly to the exports object,
   and attempt to place all of the local functions in a file at the top
   of a file.

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