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A (WIP) HTML5/JS clone of the 1989 game Chip's Challenge.
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A (WIP) HTML5/JS clone of the 1989 game Chip's Challenge.

Finished elements:

  • Player movement
  • Chips/Win condition
  • Water/Fire/Ice/"Push" tiles
  • Boots/Keys
  • Locks being accessible with applicable key

Unfinished elements:

  • Enemy pathfinding (Partially finished in core.js)
  • Dirt "pushable" blocks
  • Gravel (Turns to floor tile when stepped on)
  • Teleporters
  • Info tiles

Please feel free to add+merge missing features.

Level Design

The levels are stored as rectangular text files (row width is expected to be consistent) under /static/resources/maps. Each character represents a tile on the map, here is the convention used:

Tile/Entity Character(s)
Player *
Wall 1
Floor _ or SPACE
Chip #
Chip Gate =
Goal @
Info ?
Water W
Flippers w
Fire F
Fire Boots f
Ice I
Skates i
Ice Bumper ?
Boost/Push ^v<>
Sticky Boots g
Locks ABCD
Keys abcd
Monster (WIP) M

I have started to recreate the "classic" Chip's Challenge levels (Wiki), they are located in /static/resources/maps/official. Any contributions to the recreation effort are appreciated.

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