Managing your workflow with R Projects
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Managing Your Workflow with R Projects

This repository is an R Project used to show the benefits of using R Studio's Project feature (in combination with R Markdown and R) for data analysis, writing papers, and presentations.


  1. Download this repository from GitHub by clicking the green button above and downloading a .zip file.
    • If you have git installed on your computer, you can Clone and open this repository in R Studio instead
  2. Open the .Rproj file in R Studio

View the Workflow.presentation .pdf file in the Presentation/ folder first. It gives an overview of the benefits of R Projects and a description of the remaining files and folders in this repository.

I have structured this repository (which is also a folder on your computer) to simulate an effective method of organizing files for writing papers and presentations with data analysis:

  • Bibliography/ is a folder that contains .bib files for references and citations in the main paper
  • Data/ is a folder contains data files (in .csv form) used for data analysis in R
  • Figures/ is a folder where figures, made from the data, are saved
  • Scripts/ is a folder where I have saved reproducible scripts for various stages of data analysis
  • Presentation/ is a folder for the accompanying presentation slides
  • Example_paper is the primary document where the final report will be written and published, drawing relevant resources from the various folders in the repository
  • workflow.Rproj can be opened to view the entire repository in R Studio

The "paper" created as an example uses fake data that I randomly generated to run some basic summary statistics, plots, and regression models for a report.