Interface between Git Issues and TaskWarrior
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gw [ list | li | ls ]  [ all  ]
		List all shortcut: la
		List all open issues for a project, or for all projects
gw [ show | sho | sh ] ID
		Show everything about a given issue
gw [ new | n ] "This is a title" [ "This is the body" ] [ Project ]
		Create an issue
gw [ comment | co ] ID [ show | "Comment body" ]
		Add a comment to the specified issue, or show all comments organized oldest -> newest
gw [ status | stat | st ] ID [ close | open ]
		Change status of an issue, without args it just shows the current status
gw [ edit | ed | e ] ID
		Edit an issue's title/body
gw [ sync | sy ] [ TaskWarrior database path ]
		Sync local TaskWarrior tasks with Github issues
gw set Section Var Val
		Set a Var to Val in Section of your config. Will overwrite the current value

Anything in brackets is optional and when appropriate will be filled in with
defaults from the config file. If there are no defaults then the command will
probably fail.