Integrate nethack into netHUD #6

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Qalthos commented Jan 24, 2013

While the current system works, it would be nice to be able to connect to a single port and get an integrated nethack/netHUD experience.

like so:


I could tweak (and then add to the repo) the script I use with xinetd. Right now for nethack it just starts up the nethack client, but it could start a screen (or tmux) session with one pane for nethack and another for netHUD

ryansb commented Jan 25, 2013

Ross, I think you're misunderstanding. The idea here is that you could telnet into the netHUD server, and then it would telnet to the Nethack server for you, and return you the nethack4 display wrapped inside the netHUD dashboard.

Your screen in this case would look like this when you telnet to netHUD:

| nh4 | HUD |
| nh4 | HUD |-

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