A minecraft server tunnel.
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Simple Server 7.1-dev
An open source simple server tunnel for minecraft beta multiplayer servers.
Copyright (c) 2010 SimpleServer authors (see CONTRIBUTORS)
See LICENSE for details.

Wiki: http://www.devfluid.com/simpleserver
Forum thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1012&t=27756
Source: https://github.com/spiegalpwns/SimpleServer

1) Download minecraft_server.jar from minecraft.net
2) Unzip all files into the same directory as minecraft_server.jar
3) Run launch.bat or launch.sh to start the server for the first time
4) Press "Enter" at the console (which is informing you that you've started
   the server for the first time!)
5) Open simpleserver.properties and adjust the values as needed
6) You can now connect to the server using your IP Address (www.whatismyip.com)
   and the port indicated in simpleserver.properties!

Features (See CHANGES for updates):
 * Denial of service protection.  More than 30 requests/IP/minute will
   automatically ban the IP.
 * RCON access.
 * Guest-mode protection.  Members in group -1 are guests and are not able
   to place blocks, destroy blocks, or access chests.
 * Optional automated saving, backups, restarts, and mapping.
 * Message translation support (language.properties)
 * Locked chests.  Each player can say !lock and place a single locked chest.
   Other non-admins cannot access or destroy the chest.
 * Automatically makes space for members with higher group IDs.
 * Local chat.  Say !l MESSAGE... to send a message to nearby players
 * Customizable message formats.
 * Compatible with SMP API, hey0 and other server mods.
 * Customizable groups (group-list.txt, member-list.txt, ip-member-list.txt).
 * Customizable command permissions (command-list.txt).
 * Customizable kits (kit-list.txt).
 * Customizable give aliases (give-alias-list.txt).
 * IP bans (ip-ban-list.txt).
 * Message of the day displayed to members when joining (motd.txt).
 * Muting players from global chat (mute-list.txt).
 * Rules listing (rules.txt).
 * Optional member whitelist (white-list.txt).
See simpleserver.properties for general configuration.

Console Commands:
Say help in the console for all the standard minecraft server commands.
Added commands:
  backup  -- Force a backup
  reload  -- Reload all configuration files
  restart -- Restart the server
  save    -- Save all configuration files

In-game Commands:
Commands are based on rank.  Say !help in game for a list of currently
accessible commands.
  !backup -- Backup the map
  !banip IPADDRESS -- Kick and ban players with this IP
  !ban PLAYER [REASON] -- Kick and ban the named player
  !give ITEM [AMOUNT] -- Spawn items for yourself
  !giveplayer PLAYER ITEM [AMOUNT] -- Spawn items for another player
  !gps [PLAYER] -- Display block coordinates of named player or yourself
  !help [COMMAND] -- List commands or get help for one command
  !idbehold -- Make tools work instantly for yourself
  !iddqd -- Make yourself invulnerable to other players attacks
  !kick PLAYER [REASON] -- Kick the named player from the server
  !kit [KIT] -- Display all kits or give yourself the named kit
  !listips -- Display the name and IP of each connected player
  !local MESSAGE -- Send a chat message to nearby players
  !lock -- Prepare to create your locked chest
  !motd -- Display the message of the day
  !mute PLAYER -- Block the named player from normal chat
  !rcon COMMAND ARGUMENTS... -- Execute a command on the server console
  !reload -- Reread the configuration files from disk
  !restart -- Stop the minecraft server and start it again
  !rules -- Display the server rules
  !save -- Store configuration to disk and force a map save
  !setgroup PLAYER GROUP -- Set the group ID of the named player
  !stop -- Shutdown the entire server
  !teleport PLAYER1 PLAYER2 -- Teleport the first player to the second
  !tell PLAYER MESSAGE... -- Send a message to the named player
  !time -- Display the real-world time of the server
  !unbanip IPADDRESS -- Remove the IP address from the ban list
  !unban PLAYER -- Remove the named player from the ban list
  !unlock -- Unlock your locked chest (if you have one) for others to access
  !unmute PLAYER -- Allow the named player to use normal chat again
  !unwhitelist PLAYER -- Remove player from server access list
  !warpmeto PLAYER -- Teleport to the named player
  !warptome PLAYER -- Teleport the named player to you
  !whitelist PLAYER -- Add player to server access list
  !who -- Display online players names

Technical Details:
  This wrapper works by proxying all network and console data to and from the
  minecraft server.  This means that your clients will be connecting to the
  wrapper and not to the minecraft server directly.