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- Added formatting of Mongoid documents (Adam Doppelt)
- ActiveRecord objects display attributes only. Use :raw => true to display the entire object
- ActiveSupport::Date objects get formatted as regular Date
- Rails.logger.ap colorizes output based on ActiveSupport::LogSubscriber.colorize_logging (default is true)
- Improved formatting of methods array
- Updated repo tags for
1.0.0 Thanksgiving edition
- Added ability to format *arbitrary* Ruby object
- Added :limit option to limit large output for arrays and hashes (Andrew Horsman)
- Improved HTML formatting when :html => true (Daniel Johnson)
- Added Mongoid extension (Adam Doppelt)
- Added Nokogiri extension (Adam Doppelt)
- Removed Jeweler gem dependency
- 'ap object' now returns the object (Stephan Hagemann)
- Added :html => true option to enable HTML colors rather that ANSI (ex. Sinatra templates)
- Added AwesomePrint.force_colors! to allow color output on demand (Andrew O'Brien)
- Added MongoMapper formatter mixin (Elpizo Choi)
- Fixed formatting of methods array when object#method is overridden
- Fixed potential stack errors by checking whether AwesomePrint is already loaded
- Improved Ruby 1.8.6 and 1.8.7 compatibility
- Improved Windows compatibility (Viktar Basharymau)
- Make sure Rails mixins get loaded in Rails console when required from .irbrc
- Fixed an issue with classes that define their own #send method (ex: Socket)
- Fixed compatibility issue with Liquid gem that defines Module#liquid_methods
- Fixed hash spec for Ruby < 1.9 where order of hash keys is not guaranteed
- Added :sorted_hash_keys option to sort hash keys (Ed Ruder)
0.3.1 RubyConf X edition
- Fixed Ruby 1.8.6 compatibility issues (thanks, Tim!)
- Fixed stack overflow issue with Rails 2.3.x console
- Display object.methods and family in human readable format
- Objects inherited from Array, Hash, File, Dir, and Struct are shown as their base class
- Added option to suppress array index in output (Sean Gallagher)
- Updated README on how to set up ~/.irbrc for MacRuby (Eloy Duran)
- Specs pass 100% with Ruby 1.8.7/RSpec 1.3 and Ruby 1.9.2/RSpec 2.0
- ap can now be used within Rails templates (ex. <%= ap object %>)
- Added support for printing Struct
- Added support for logger.ap (including Rails logger)
- Added support for HashWithIndifferentAccess from ActiveSupport
- ap now works with scripts that use ActiveRecord/ActiveSupport outside Rails
- ap now correctly shows file and directory names with fancy characters (shell escape)
- Format BigDecimal and Rational objects as Float scalars
- Explicit options parameter can override custom defaults
- Custom defaults are not interfering when running specs
- Custom defaults now work correctly with Ruby 1.9.x
- Added support for setting custom defaults in ~/.aprc
- Correctly handle empty arrays and hashes
- Use alias_method instead of alias (fixes non-tty method aliasing)
- Added awesome_inspect method
- Added support for tableless ActiveRecord models
- Left align hash keys if @options[:indent] is negative
- Initial Release.