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A repository with some tools I created and use together with OpenVAS

Script to export/import openvas configuration, is useful for backing up configuration or migrating from different storage backends (sqlite / PostgreSQL). Can only export data visable via the OMP protocol (notably no slave passwords, no credentials). Stores the results in a .tgz file.

Currently exports/imports the following settings:

  • filters
  • report_formats
  • scan_config
  • slaves
  • schedules
  • alerts
  • targets
  • tasks
  • notes
  • overrides
Usage: -a import|export [ -f <filename> ] [ -c <configfile> ] [ -h ]
  -a import|export  import or export the configuration
  -f <filename>     Filename to store/load the configuration, use - for stdin/stdout (default)
  -c <configfile>   Specific omp config file to use, mandatory on imports
  -h                prints this help

    ./ -a export -f configuration.tgz
    ./ -a import -f configuration.tgz