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[Not compatible with node v0.8.0] #7

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@ryanseddon ryanseddon referenced this issue from a commit
@ryanseddon Merge branch 'master' of into gh…

* 'master' of
  Bumped version and added documentation
  Added config check for localbrowsers so you don't need one to run them
  Experimenting with launching locally installed browsers
  Added release history info
  Added config generator command, config flag - Added config command e.g. `bunyip config config.js` fixes #1 - Added -c flag to specify path to a config file, defaults to cwd - Re-architectured helpers.js to browserstack.js - Fixed undefined value when killing browserstack workers - Bumped version to 0.1.3
  Bumped required node version, fixes #7, and added .editorconfig file
  Bumped required node version and added .editorconfig file
  Yeti 0.2.6 release has breaking changes force 0.2.5
  Update lib/helpers.js: Remove duplication.
  Remove switch statement and simplify the platform helper keywords
  Fix markdown link in readme
  Added keywords to package.json
  Bunyip initial release version 0.1.0 - Broke lib into manageable chunks - Added grunt.js - Did very simple unit testing using cli-easy - Some detailed instructions in the readme
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