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app = app.js
master-file-deploy = deploy/views/layout.jade
master-css = \ link(rel='stylesheet', href='/css/$(css-deploy-build)')
master-js = \ script(src='/scripts/$(js-deploy-build)')
deploy-folder = deploy/
public-folder = public
views-folder = views
css-path = public/css/
css-deploy-path = $(deploy-folder)$(css-path)
css-filename = _styles.min.css
css-build = $(css-path)$(css-filename)
css-prereq = $(css-path)src/_styles.css \
$(css-path)src/wfs.css \
js-path = public/scripts/
js-deploy-path = $(deploy-folder)$(js-path)
js-filename = _scripts.min.js
js-build = $(js-path)$(js-filename)
js-prereq = $(js-path)src/jquery.js \
$(js-path)src/underscore.js \
$(js-path)src/json2.js \
$(js-path)src/_javascript.js \
$(js-path)src/_fonts.js \
$(js-path)src/_templates.js \
$(js-path)src/backbone.js \
$(js-path)src/_routes.js \
$(js-path)src/_models-collections.js \
yui-jar = build/tools/yuicompressor-2.4.5.jar
all: $(css-build) $(js-build)
install: css-deploy-build = `cat $(css-build) | /usr/bin/openssl sha1 | cut -c1-8`.css
install: js-deploy-build = `cat $(js-build) | /usr/bin/openssl sha1 | cut -c1-8`.js
install: all
@mkdir $(deploy-folder)
@cp $(app) $(deploy-folder)
@cp -R $(public-folder) $(deploy-folder)
@cp -R $(views-folder) $(deploy-folder)
@rm -rf $(deploy-folder)$(css-path)src
@rm -rf $(deploy-folder)$(js-path)src
@cp $(css-build) $(css-deploy-path)$(css-deploy-build)
@cp $(js-build) $(js-deploy-path)$(js-deploy-build)
@echo "Linking to updated CSS and JavaScript…\t\c"
@gsed -i "/\/\/ START: Concat css/,/\/\/ END: Concat css/c$(master-css)" $(master-file-deploy)
@gsed -i "/\/\/ START: Concat scripts/,/\/\/ END: Concat scripts/c$(master-js)" $(master-file-deploy)
@echo "[ Done ]"
@echo "Installation is complete."
$(css-build): $(css-prereq)
@rm -f $(css-build)
@echo "Merging CSS files…\t\t\t\c"
@cat $(css-prereq) > $(css-path)tmp.css
@echo "[ Done ]"
@echo "Compressing merged CSS…\t\c"
@java -jar $(yui-jar) -o $(css-build) $(css-path)tmp.css
@rm -f $(css-path)tmp.css
@echo "[ Done ]"
$(js-build): $(js-prereq)
@rm -f $(js-build)
@echo "Merging JS files…\t\t\t\c"
@cat $(js-prereq) > $(js-path)tmp.js
@echo "[ Done ]"
@echo "Compressing merged JS…\t\c"
@java -jar $(yui-jar) -o $(js-build) $(js-path)tmp.js
@rm -f $(js-path)tmp.js
@echo "[ Done ]"
@rm -rf $(deploy-folder)
@rm -f $(css-build)
@rm -f $(js-build)
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