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I landed a PR in Yeti to add built-in support for Mocha, Jasmine and better output for QUnit. If you grab >= 0.2.14 you don't need adaptors anymore.

Some specific hints to make sure your tests run correctly


In order for Yeti or Bunyip to collect results you may need to add this code block to your test suite.

if("$yetify" in window) {
	QUnit.config.autostart = false;

Sometimes QUnit will autorun before Yeti can attach to the QUnit logging events. There is a known issue with asyncTest() see #117


Same goes for Jasmine tests, Yeti will kick of the tests when it's ready so wrap your execute call in this block.

if(!("$yetify" in window)) {

Where jasmineEnv is a reference to jasmine.getEnv().


Mocha, like Jasmine, should only trigger a run when not being fed through Yeti/Bunyip.

if(!("$yetify" in window)) {
    var runner =;

Yeti adaptors

A collection of adaptors so you can use Yahoo's Yeti tool with other unit testing frameworks.

To find out how you can use them navigate to the unit testing framework you use.


I've only done adaptors for jasmine and QUnit, but if you use another framework feel free to fork and add it in the same style as the other examples.