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-- Building S#arp Architecture
BEFORE OPENING /src/SharpArch/SharpArch.sln in Visual Studio 2008 you need to run the build either by running /go.bat from a command line or double-clicking /ClickToBuild.bat.
Both files do the same thing but ClickToBuild.bat includes a pause so that you can see the results of the build before the window closes. The file CommonAssemblyInfo.cs is missing from the solution and is generated automatically by the build process.
-- How's this release organized?
* /docs/: Contains a link to comprehensive, online documentation at, and a diagram of what a S#arp Architecture project looks like.
* /bin/: Holds released SharpArch assemblies and third party dependencies needed by a S#arp Architecture project.
* /src/NorthwindSample/: Contains a sample project similar to what's generated by the VS project template. See Sharp_Architecture_Reference_Guide.doc for details.
* /src/SharpArch/: Contains the SharpArch libraries used by S#arp Architecture projects. See Sharp_Architecture_Reference_Guide.doc for details.
* /VisualStudioTemplate/: Contains artifacts for the support of the S#arp Architecture Visual Studio project template and an important fix to the T4 Toolbox (which supports CRUD scaffolding generation).
* /ClickToBuild.bat and /go.bat were discussed above.
* /License.txt: I'll let you guess what this is.
* / The NAnt build script used by /go.bat to build the SharpArch class libraries.
* /VersionHistory.txt: Details version numbers of dependencies, changes since previous releases, upgrade details, and a roadmap of what's coming. This is an important document.