Browse Hacker News inside Vim
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Browse Hacker News inside Vim.

Hacker News Front Page in Vim

Hacker News Comments in Vim

Uses cheeaun's Unofficial Hacker News API to retrieve home page stories and comments and FUCK YEAH MARKDOWN for rendering HTML articles as text.

Basic Usage

  • Open the Hacker News front page in Vim by executing the :HackerNews command
  • The HackerNews command takes an optional parameter to view items other than the top stories on the front page: ask, show, shownew, jobs, best, active, newest, noobstories, <item id>, or <search query>
  • Press lowercase o to open links in Vim
  • Press uppercase O to open links in default web browser
  • Numbered lines with story titles on the front page link to the story url
  • Comment lines on the front page link to the comments url
  • Press uppercase F to fold current comment thread
  • Press lowercase u to go back
  • Press Ctrl+r to go forward
  • Execute the :bd command to close and remove the Hacker News buffer

Enhanced Motions

Uppercase J and K are mapped to helpful new motions based on what type of content is on the screen:

  • Move to next/prev item when viewing the front page. (If the cursor is on a numbered line with story title the cursor will move to the next/prev numbered line with story title. If the cursor is on a comment line it will move to the next/prev comment line.)
  • Move to next/prev comment when viewing comments.
  • Move to next/prev paragraph when viewing the text version of articles.


Pathogen (
git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-hackernews
Vundle (
Plugin 'ryanss/vim-hackernews'
NeoBundle (
NeoBundle 'ryanss/vim-hackernews'

Running Tests

$ vim -c Vader! tests.vader


Issues and Pull Requests are always welcome!


Code is available according to the MIT License (see LICENSE).