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Star Skirmish V1.0 Design Document

Author: Ryan Steed

Release: 12-06-2018

Developer Hours: 29


Move the player:

Fire: F

Start/Resume: SPACE

Pause: ESC

Reset Highscore: R


Star Wars meets Galaga in this arcade-style 2D space scroller, Star Skirmish.

Fly your X-Wing across a beautiful starscape, blasting the Death Star's TIE fighters. Earn points for every enemy avoided and become strong in the Force.

Turn on your sound to hear the original NAMCO Galaga soundtrack and sound effects.


The player's ship is operated with real physics! Use the arrow keys to fire the engines and accelerate the vehicle. Watch out - there's no friction in space.

The game sends enemies in waves, which increase in size and speed as the player progresses. Passing enemies accrues points based on enemy size.

The player loses a life if the ship collides with an enemy, but has a brief immunity period after death to recover. The number of lives is displayed in the bottom left corner.

The player can shoot enemies, but the smaller the ship gets, the weaker the shots. Larger enemies take more shots to kill than smaller enemies.

Game configurations can be edited in the resources/ file.


The software class design can be viewed in StarSkirmish.class.violet.html.

In general, a view-controller architecture is implemented, split between the GameEngine and GameFrame classes and components. The GameEngine triggers changes in the game view, which is managed by the GameFrame. Score and other static displays are produced using Overlays.

The GameObject component is the base class for all moving objects in the game. The Player and Alien objects dictate those components' behavior. Each object has a Physics engine to calculate new positions from step to step.

The code is fully documented with javadoc annotations, which can be generated with the Maven plugin.

See the star-skirmish directory for instructions on using Maven to build the application and .jar yourself.