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PhoneGap API Documentation

The public API documentation for PhoneGap. The documentation is rendered as the PhoneGap API Documentation website.

Document File Format

All of the PhoneGap documentation is written with markdown, a lightweight markup language that can be typeset to HTML. Markdown provides a simple and flexible way to document PhoneGap's core API and platform-specific APIs.

Repository Structure


Documentation Generator

Currently, PhoneGap-Docs uses joDoc to generate HTML documentation from the set of Markdown files.

Install joDoc

  • Clone joDoc

    git clone
  • Add joDoc/ to your path

    Open ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile (or whatever you use)

      export PATH=$PATH:~/path/to/joDoc/
  • Install markdown

    # Use your package manager
    brew install markdown
    port install markdown
    aptitude install markdown
  • Install nokogiri (Ruby HTML parser)

    gem install nokogiri

Run the Script

cd phonegap-docs

Script Test Suite

Install rspec:

gem install rspec --version 1.3.0

Run all specs:

cd phonegap-docs

Run a specific spec:

cd phonegap-docs
spec spec/phonegap/add_title_spec.rb
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