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This repository is for the Fast Reactor Input Deck Generator (FRIDGe)
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Fast Reactor Input Deck Generator is a general purpose fast reactor MCNP input deck creator. Currently FRIDGe has the ability to create two different types of assemblies; fuel and smear. These assemblies can the be arranged to create a full reactor core model. The input file gives the user the ability to set the temperature, cross-section set, and MCNP variables for a given problem.


Documentation can be found Here. This documentation holds all of the information to build elements, materials, assemblies, cores, and FRIDGe input files. FRIDGe comes packaged with 24 elements, 8 materials, 2 assemblies, and 1 FRIDGe input file pre-built. Along with this there are 3 test assemblies, 1 test core, and 4 test FRIDGe input files that can be used as a template for building these files.


To download FRIDGe, change into your directory of choice and follow the instructions below:

git clone

Note that FRIDGe requires at least Python 3.6 to run. Before installing FRIDGe note that pytest, numpy, and PyYAML are all required to run FRIDGe. If these are not yet installed run the following:

pip install -r requirements.txt

This will ensure that all the dependencies are properly installed. To install FRIDGe, run the file in the /FRIDGe directory as follows:

python install

This should install fridge as a python package.


It is encouraged to run the test suite built into FRIDGe before creating any models. Testing FRIDGe is relatively simple. Open a terminal in the /fridge directory and run the following:

python -m pytest

Note: pytest, numpy, and PyYAML are all required to run FRIDGe, and the test suite. See the testing section of the user pages for more information.

Running FRIDGe

FRIDGe has a prebuilt input file which can be used to gain familiarity with running FRIDGe. The FRIDGe input file that will be used is title EBRII_Driver.yaml, and is uses the assembly file EBRII_MKII.yaml. These two YAML files can be found in /fridge/fridge_input_files and /fridge/data/assembly, respectively.

The first step is to open an interactive python terminal (somethign like iPython). From here, import the FRIDGe driver with the following:

import fridge.driver.fridge_driver as fd

The driver for FRIDGe has now been imported, and the main function can be run via:


For this example the following code can be run:


This will cause FRIDGe to build an MCNP input file in /fridge/mcnp_input_files titled EBRII_Driver.i. This example built a single assembly; the process for running FRIDGe and building a full core model is identical.


As FRIDGe is open source, I encourage anyone who is interested to contribute and add to the code. There are multiple phenomena that could be incorporated into FRIDGe to produce a more realistic model.


Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or if you would like me to consider additional features.

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