Java library for generating Apple Passbook (.pkpass) files
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Apple Passbook library for Java

  • Fluent API
  • Stream-oriented


Create a Pass Type ID in the iOS Provisioning Portal (if you haven't done so already), import the resulting pass.cer file into Keychain, then export it as a .p12 file. Download the Apple WWDR certificate.

In the code, create a PassSignerImpl object with these certificates:

PassSigner signer = PassSignerImpl.builder()
	.keystore(new FileInputStream("/path/to/certificate.p12"), "password")
	.intermediateCertificate(new FileInputStream("/path/to/AppleWWDRCA.cer"))

Pass pass = new Pass()
	// ... for a full example see src/test/com/ryantenney/passkit4j/

PassSerializer.writePkPassArchive(pass, signer, outputStream);


Current stable version is 2.0.1, which supports iOS 9 passes.



Javadocs are hosted at


Copyright (c) 2012-2016 Ryan Tenney

Published under Apache Software License 2.0, see LICENSE

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