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Collection of APIC configurations to run within Google Postman.

You must login via the one of the login commands BEFORE running any other commands. THe login command captures a token that timesouts and the user will have to reauthenicate. If your command returns.. "code": "403", "text": "Token was invalid (Error: Token timeout)"

Use the login command and try again

Requires a Postman environment to be configured with the CASE sensitive data as follows

URL = IP address of APIC
TENANTNAME = Name of Tenant to create
USERNAME = APIC username
Password = password of APIC
SYSLOGNAME = name of syslog object to create
SYSLOGDEST = IP address of syslog server

Included is an example environment that can be imported. I recomend editing the file with site specific infomation before importing.

Details, including Postman setup and usage found here...