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PHP Dependency

PHP-Dependency (Pd) is a dependency injection framework and container written in PHP. One of the main features of PHP-Dependency is that it supports class reflection, which means you do not have to maintain ANY configuration files.

Class MyExample() {

    private $_database;

     * This is the constructor, the database is automatically injected
     * due to the PdInject DocBlock.
     * @PdInject database
    public function __construct($database) {
        $this->_database = $database;


That's it. No configuration other than that one line Doc Block.


You need to make sure that the Pd library is on your include path.

    get_include_path() . PATH_SEPARATOR .

If you are using a PHP framework with an autoloader then just make sure the library/Pd is on the include path and tell the autoloader to use 'Pd' as the class prefix/namespace.

The Container

The container holds all of your dependencies. Adding dependencies to the container is very simple.

$database = new Database("mysql://user:password@server/database");

$container = Pd_Container::get();
$container->dependencies()->set('database', $database);

You can put anything into the container. Objects, arrays, strings, and even anonymous functions.


Class dependencies are defined by PHP Doc Blocks. Every Pd command begins with @PdInject and is followed by a key:value type syntax. The most common command will be injecting a dependency by name, which just requires the dependency name.

Class Book {

    private $_database;

     * @PdInject database
    public function setDatabase($database) {
        $this->_database = $database;


To see a full list of commands/syntax please visit this page.

Creating Objects

To create objects use the Pd_Make class.

/* @var $book Book */
$book = Pd_Make::name('Book');

This is the same as doing

$book = new Book();

Note: Use the @var doc line above the Pd_Make command. This will tell your IDE that $book is an instance of the Book class, which will allow the IDE to auto complete any calls/usages of $book in your code.


This is just a brief intro to PHP-Dependency. There are a lot more features located at