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A demo web-app for Lucene spatial, plus some extra spatial implementations that use LGPL libs (JTS).

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Spatial Solr Sandbox

Module: LSE

Roughly stands for [Apache] Lucene/Solr Spatial Extras.

Current contents:

  • JtsGeoStrategy, a Lucene “SpatialStrategy” subclass that uses JTS to store its geometry into Lucene DocValues.

Module: spatial-demo

Contains a demo web application based on Solr trunk. It uses LSE and Lucene spatial and Spatial4j. Consumes sample data and geonames.
See the provided README.txt in there for instructions to try it out.



Discuss on the Spatial4j mailing list if it’s Spatial4j related, else the Lucene/Solr dev list for everything else.


“Spatial Solr Sandbox” began life as part of Lucene Spatial Playground (LSP). LSP was migrated to Spatial4j. It was then broken up such that the demo + some Lucene/Solr spatial extras were migrated to a new repository — this one. The vast majority of this code that remains was written by Ryan McKinley.

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