Basic string globs in golang
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String globbing in golang Build Status

go-glob is a single-function library implementing basic string glob support.

Globs are an extremely user-friendly way of supporting string matching without requiring knowledge of regular expressions or Go's particular regex engine. Most people understand that if you put a * character somewhere in a string, it is treated as a wildcard. Surprisingly, this functionality isn't found in Go's standard library, except for path.Match, which is intended to be used while comparing paths (not arbitrary strings), and contains specialized logic for this use case. A better solution might be a POSIX basic (non-ERE) regular expression engine for Go, which doesn't exist currently.


package main

import ""

func main() {
    glob.Glob("*World!", "Hello, World!") // true
    glob.Glob("Hello,*", "Hello, World!") // true
    glob.Glob("*ello,*", "Hello, World!") // true
    glob.Glob("World!", "Hello, World!")  // false
    glob.Glob("/home/*", "/home/ryanuber/.bashrc") // true