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ruby-aptly Build Status

Ruby wrapper for managing deb repos with Aptly.

This is currently a work in progress! ruby-aptly does not wrap 100% of the aptly feature set yet, but most major things are working at this point.


ruby-aptly is currently tested against Aptly 0.5. It is possible that it will also work fine on older or newer versions, but this is untested.

ruby-aptly should work on any Ruby >= 1.8.7.

Aptly is a great tool for managing Apt repositories. It is reliable, actively maintained, and ridiculously fast.

Setting up Aptly is a snap - creating repositories, seeding them, taking snapshots, and most other operations are pretty simple.

Orchestrating repository updates are a bit different. Typically this can be done with a few simple shell scripts or similar, but where it really shines is when you start driving it with data. Having tooling that understands Aptly's state is nice for quickly funneling your hiera data or similar into usable repositories with just a few lines of code. This library aims to make that process simple.

API documentation available at


require 'rubygems'
require 'aptly'

# Creates a new mirror
mirror = Aptly.create_mirror(
    :components => ['main', 'universe', 'multiverse']

# Performs a mirror update

# List packages in the mirror

# Create a snapshot of a mirror
snap1 = mirror.snapshot 'snap1'

# Creates a new repo
repo = Aptly.create_repo 'test_repo'

# Import packages from a mirror into the repo
repo.import, :packages => ['linux-image', 'bash']

# Create a snapshot from a repo
snap2 = repo.snap 'snap2'

# Merge two snapshots together, pulling in only latest packages
merged = Aptly.merge_snapshots snap1, snap2, :latest => true

# List packages in a merged snapshot

# Publish a snapshot