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One-button Heroku deploy for the Ghost blogging platform (with working image uploading!)
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Ghost on Heroku with S3 Image Uploads

Ghost is a free, open, simple blogging platform. Visit the project's website at, or read the docs on

This is a modified fork of Ghost on Heroku that adds S3 image uploads to Ghost by using pieces from ghost-aws-s3. Heroku app filesystems aren’t meant for permanent storage.

To use this, you will need an Amazon AWS account, which you can get for free. You should set up a public-read bucket on S3 where Ghost will upload your images.

Deploying on Heroku

To get your own Ghost blog running on Heroku, click the button below:


Fill out the form, and you should be cooking with gas in a few seconds.

Things you should know

  • After deployment, visit the admin area at to set up your blog.

  • Your blog will be publicly accessible at

  • To make changes to your Ghost blog (like adding a theme to the /content directory, for instance), clone your blog locally using the Heroku Toolbelt:

  heroku git:clone --app YOURAPPNAME
  • Images will be uploaded to an AWS S3 bucket of your choosing, just follow the steps in the deploy form.

How this works

This repository is essentially a minimal web application that specifies Ghost as a dependency, and makes a deploy button available.


If you have problems using your instance of Ghost, you should check the official documentation or open an issue on the official issue tracker. If you discover an issue with the deployment process provided by this repository, then open an issue here.


Released under the MIT license, just like the Ghost project itself.

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