Cross-browser JavaScript dimensions module
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cross-browser JavaScript module to measure dimensions

$ npm install dime

API (3.0)

Static methods

Fast simple top-level methods

dime.width(object) // get width
dime.height(object) // get height
dime.width(element, px) // set width
dime.height(element, px) // set height

Measurable objects

  • window
  • DOM node: document or element
  • object with .width/.height properties or methods
dime.width(screen) // => screen.width
dime.width({width:10, height:10}) // => 10

Chain methods

jQueryish methods for compatible libs (such as ender)

.width() // get the width of the 1st elem in the set
.width(value) // set the width of all elems in the set
.height() // get the width of the 1st elem in the set
.height(value) // set the width of all elems in the set

Integrated usage


Standalone usage, px)

Standalone examples

It is only sensible to use these for setting dimensions—the statics are faster for gets.[document]) // same as dime.width(document)'.example'), 100)

Version notes

3.x is leaner than previous releases

  • 2.x device methods were removed because the native screen provides these.
  • 2.x viewport methods were removed in favor of dime.width(window) although those methods are available in verge.
  • In 3.x dime is a plain object—not a wrapper function.

Related modules

  • verge: viewport utilities


License: MIT

Copyright (C) 2012 by Ryan Van Etten