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2.2.0 (2013-04-06)

2.1.0 (2013-01-08)

  • Add dope.parseJSON() method for jQuery-compatible JSON-parsing syntax.
  • Remove dope.bridge() in favor of integration by other means, e.g. dj.bridge() or ender.ender() or jQuery.extend().

2.0.0 (2012-09-18)

  • Reorganized and improved much of the underlying code.
  • Removed wrapper function. dope is now an "object". It still contains an .fn methods usable via .call or via integration.
  • Integration is no longer automatic—the bridge must be explicitly called: dope.bridge(jQuery)
  • Top-level dataset/attr methods are made "fast and simple" while the .fn versions remain "full-feature" for collections.
  • When setting attributes, the top-level dope.dataset() now returns the current value. (In v1.x it returned the element.)
  • Added "func arg" capabilities.
  • Renamed dope.render() to dope.parse() and added option to parse JSON.
  • Added dope.attr()/dope.removeAttr()/dope.queryAttr()
  • Added general purpose dope.trim() and (to replace mapFilter)
  • Removed dope.toDataSelector()/dope.noConflict()/dope.toArray()/dope.mapFilter


1.x versions do not all adhere to semver. They should have been 0.x versions. Consider them as so.

1.5.0 (2012-09-09)

  • Rename repo/export from "domdata"/"domData" to "dope"

1.4.1 (2012-06-24)

  • Made it so that dope.render() can properly render NaN and Infinity.

1.4.0 (2012-06-24)

  • Replaced rare usage dope.camelizeAll() and dope.datatizeAll() methods with broader usage utils dope.toArray() and dope.mapFilter() that in combination can help do the same thing.
  • Use dope.toDataSelector(list) for building selector strings.

1.3.0 (2012-06-23)

  • Improved regexps, added number support to camelize/datatize to allow for numeric keys b/c data-0="totally valid"
  • Optimize logic in dope.dataset() and dope.fn.dataset(), normalize null|undefined "gets" to undefined

1.2.0 (2012-06-19)

  • Functions passed to dope() are fired, receiving dope as the first argument and this === document.