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# CHANGELOG | [current](./verge.js)
-## [1.7](../74095aff6156e3023bc49c4f388ac752b3c346d5/verge.js)
+## [1.7](../../tree/114f06e791367d1aca4ea621e419b5313fc1c7ab)
- Added: `verge.aspect()`
- `verge.rectangle()`: Invalid inputs now return `false` rather than `undefined`. Removed undocumented [3rd param](../../commit/798c7edd54f4ebb73b175ab4498848338295729d).
-## [1.6](../c33d67d70ca0fb3048d95b1d046d95f0a8b08707/verge.js)
+## [1.6](../../tree/56434a5b32879a3c2bec51370d539aef9eb1518a)
- Added: `verge.matchMedia()` and ``
-## [1.5](../9699dfff1c6628d667073773f914af9848ca97f1/verge.js)
+## [1.5](../../tree/9699dfff1c6628d667073773f914af9848ca97f1)
Major simplifications were made. All `.fn` methods were removed. See [#1](../../issues/1). This also allowed for the top-level `.bindVerger` and `.bridge` methods to be removed, as integration is now much more simple. See [](./ The `.noConflict` unnecessary and was also removed. What left with is a lightweight [static api](./ Devs can decide how and if they want to implement effins, while [verge](../) simply provides the functional tools to do so.

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