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cross-browser [class] JavaScript module—uses classList where available

$ npm install vibe

API (0.9)


  • element denotes a native DOM Element
  • token denotes a single class name
  • $ denotes a jQuery-compatible lib such as ender
  • ? denotes a optional parameter
  • stack denotes an array or collection of elements
  • ssv denotes where multiple classes can be passed via array, space-separated string, or a callback to determine them. Callbacks run for each element as this and may return false to cease further iterations.

Fast simple static methods

  • vibe.addClass(element, token)
  • vibe.removeClass(element, token)
  • vibe.toggleClass(element, token, force?)
  • vibe.hasClass(element, token)

jQueryish chain methods

Integrated syntax

  • $(elements).addClass(ssv)
  • $(elements).removeClass(ssv)
  • $(elements).toggleClass(ssv, force?)
  • $(elements).hasClass(token)true if any element has it

Standalone syntax

In standalone usage, these methods can be run via .call

  •, ssv)
  •, ssv)
  •, ssv, force?)
  •, token)


Include vibe in your ender build

ender build vibe

ender usage example



  • Works in all browsers. Tested in Chrome, FF, Opera, IE7/8
  • Uses the native .classList where available and otherwise uses .className


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