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@@ -45,10 +45,10 @@ SSViewer:
in `/mysite/_config/config.yml`
-Compiling and Updating Foundation
+Using Compass and Bower
-Then when you're working on your project, just run the following command (from within your `themes/foundation` folder):
+If you're editing the Sass files, just run the following command:
compass watch
@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ Requirements
[SilverStripe]( 3.1.x
-Optional (for working with Foundation 5)
- Ruby 1.9+
- [Node.js](
@@ -82,9 +82,7 @@ The Gist linked below is a custom Editor Config that I use. It is a single line
[SilverStripe Foundation HtmlEditorConfig Gist](
-![SilverStripe Foundation Custom HtmlEditorConfig](
-About Foundation
+About Foundation 5
Foundation is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. With Foundation you can quickly prototype and build sites or apps that work on any kind of device, with tons of included layout constructs (like a full responsive grid), elements and best practices.

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