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A Ruby library for bulk exporting Twitter user profile information. Currently supports Twitter Lists and web pages with links to twitter users. The information is saved to CSV file.


  • Ruby (developed and tested on 1.9.3 and up)


Install via RubyGems:

gem install twexport



With a command line

$ irb
 > require 'twexport'

To export a Twitter List, use a combination of username and list name

twexport = Twexport::TwitterList.new(:screen_name => "twitter", :list_slug => "team", 
  :consumer_key => "", 
  :consumer_secret => "", 
  :access_token => "", 
  :access_token_secret => "")

or use a list id

twexport = Twexport::TwitterList.new(:list_id => 2031945, 
  :consumer_key => "", 
  :consumer_secret => "", 
  :access_token => "", 
  :access_token_secret => ""))

To export information for users listed in a web page

twexport = Twexport::WebPage.new(:url => "http://techcrunch.com/about/", 
  :consumer_key => "", 
  :consumer_secret => "", 
  :access_token => "", 
  :access_token_secret => "")

Other libraries of interest

t - A command-line power tool for Twitter