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  • TMX Maps can use external .tsx tilesets
  • TMX Maps layers support flipped tiles
  • Basic iPhone, iPad and Android support
  • Box2D physics engine is an optional extra rather than being standard
  • Chipmunk physics engine is an optional extra
  • Fonts are preloaded
  • Various bug fixes


See the upgrading guide for details on how to upgrade a v0.1 project to v0.2.

  • Deprecated BObject. You can re-enable it by adding: exports.ENABLED_DEPRECATED_METHODS to your config.js.
    • .set() and .get() methods are no longer used to set/get properties. Use normal JavaScript now.
    • Foo.extend() no longer exists. Use the Bar.inherit(Foo) helper instead.
    • Foo.create() no longer exists. Use new Foo() instead.
    • util.callback() has been deprecated. Use the standard this.myFunc.bind(this) function instead.
  • All code runs inside a sandbox (a hidden iframe). Setting globals in your application will have no impact on the webpage it's embedded in and vice versa.
  • Applications are embedded by placing the 'script' tag where you want it to appear.
  • Appliaction root folder is no longer in the require search path. You should prefix your paths with '/' or add this to the top of your main.js: require.paths.unshift('/').


Installer fix for MS Windows


New Features

  • Completely rewrote and separated the build system into a new project called Jah
  • Optionally load resources (images, tile maps, etc.) externally rather than embedding
  • ProgressBar while preloading external resources
  • Parse TMX Map properties
  • Opacity property for all Nodes
  • Added LabelAtlas
  • Use requestAnimationFrame for smoother animations
  • New Actions added by Marc Mauger
    • BezierBy
    • BezierTo
    • Blink
    • CallFunc
    • DelayTime
    • EaseBackIn
    • EaseBackInOut
    • EaseBackOut
    • EaseBounce
    • EaseBounceIn
    • EaseBounceInOut
    • EaseBounceOut
    • EaseElastic
    • EaseElasticInOut
    • EaseElasticOut
    • EaseIn
    • EaseOut
    • EastSineOut
    • FadeIn
    • FadeOut
    • FadeTo
    • Follow
    • Hide
    • JumpBy
    • JumpTo
    • Show
    • Spawn
    • ToggleVisibility
  • Scene Transitions added by Marc Mauger
    • TransitionRotoZoom
    • TransitionMoveInL
    • TransitionMoveInR
    • TransitionMoveInT
    • TransitionMoveInB
    • TransitionSlideInL
    • TransitionSlideInR
    • TransitionSlideInT
    • TransitionSlideInB

Bug Fixes

  • 'event' module renamed to 'events' to avoid conflict with DOM events
  • Fixed Sprites not always drawing in the correct location after changing their contentSize
  • Fixed anchor point not being properly calculated
  • Fixed MenuItemSprite not drawing its children