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A simple repro for an issue importing an Objective-C module into a separate Objective-C target.
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Swift Package Manager Obj-C Module Issue

This project demonstrates an issue with two C based targets depending on each other. When a C based target (ObjCBar) depends on another C based target (ObjCFoo), currently the only way to import public headers is using the filenames directly (#import "RWFoo.h"). I would expect that I could import the module generated from the ObjCFoo target via @import ObjCFoo; in ObjCBar similar to how the Swift target works (@import ObjCFoo), but the build fails.

As a secondary issue, generating an Xcode project with this fails for a different reason: modules are disabled for C and Objective-C targets in the generated Xcode project.

Steps to reproduce:

Check out this repo.

Run swift build at the root of this repo. Observe the error.

In order to fix the issue, comment out line 9 and uncomment line 13. Run swift build again.

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