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Rails plugin that posts bugs to a FogBugz installation via BugzScout with SSL support.
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The RailzScout plugin implements FogBugz's BugzScout system for Rails apps.
It works by submitting your bugs to your FogBugz installation directly via 
HTTP post.

The plugin is based on the Exception Notifier plugin by Jamis Buck. Much 
works the same, but email code has been replaced with code that posts to
scoutSubmit in your FogBugz installation.


1.  Include the ExceptionNotifiable mixin in whichever controller you want to
    report errors to FogBugz. (ApplicationController for the whole app.):

        class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
          include ExceptionNotifiable

2.  If you installed the plugin via default methods, you should find a 
    railz_scout.rb file in your app's config/initializers/ directory.
    If not, you can still run the install script manually to create
    the initializer:

        $ ruby vendor/plugins/railz_scout/install.rb
    Open the initializer railz_scout.rb and edit the configuration options
    there. The file if fully commented with detailed explanations of what each
    options means.
    At the very least you need to set the URL for your FogBugz installation.


Confirmed to work with the following Rails releases:

  - 1.1.6
  - 1.2.6
  - 2.0.2
  - edge @2008-04-24


The rendering code from Exception Notifier has barely been touched. Therefore,
the same customizations that apply to the original plugin should apply here.

For more info, see their original README, included with this copy as

Copyright (c) 2008 Caio Chassot, released under the MIT license
with parts from Exception Notifier plugin, Copyright (c) 2005 Jamis Buck, released under the MIT license
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