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DEPRECATED - A library to help with use of page/component objects when testing with protractor
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Since I am no longer using Protractor for UI testing, I am no longer maintaining this project. I would recommend everyone to use WebdriverIO ( for UI testing.

Protractor Test Objects

A library to help with the use of page/component objects when testing with Protractor. It also adds additonal functionality on top of protractor that is useful for testing.

It is intended that tests written with this library will move of Protractor specific code into page/component objects in order to make the test files themselves simplier, cleaner, and easier to understand. This should allow for better reuse of code as each action and assertions should have it own method.

You will also noticed one liner methods and those are there to again make the test simple to read/write. I find it much easier to remember and read this:


compared to this:


The goals is that the test files should be easy to read, have a consistent API, and have not Protractor or webdriver specific code in them.


npm install protractor-test-objects


NOTE: Code examples assume Mocha/Chai setup.

Creating Component Object

var protractorTestObjects = require('protractor-test-objects');
var helpComponent = protractorTestObjects.baseComponent.create();

//all selectors are defined here and are accessed through the getSelector() method
//that way if you do make a change to DOM, all selectors are located in one place,
//at the top of the file
helpComponent.selectors = {
  handle: '.handle',
  chat: '.chat'

helpComponent.clickChat = function() {

helpComponent.isVisible = function() {

module.exports = {
  create: function(baseSelector) {
    var newComponent = Object.create(helpComponent);
    newComponent.baseSelector = baseSelector;
    return newComponent;

Creating Page Objects

var protractorTestObjects = require('protractor-test-objects');
var helpComponentFactory = require('../components/help');
var desktopPage = protractorTestObjects.basePage.create();

desktopPage.baseSelector = '.desktop-page';
desktopPage.baseUrl = '/desktop?uiTestingMode=true';

desktopPage.isVisible = function() {

desktopPage.getHelpComponent = function() {
  return helpComponentFactory.create(desktopPage.baseSelector + ' > .help');

module.exports = {
  create: function(appendUrl, autoOpen) {
    autoOpen = autoOpen === false ? false : true;
    var newDesktopPage = Object.create(desktopPage);

    if(autoOpen === true) {;

    return newDesktopPage;



baseSelector (string)

Base selector that can be prepended with the result of a call to getSelector().

selectors (object)

An object of selectors with the key being the name of the selector (used in method like getSelector()) and the value being the css selector.

getSelector(string name, boolean withBase)

Returns a css selector string.

waitForElement(string selector, number timeToWait)

Wait up to a specified time for the selector to find an elements.

waitForElements(string selector, number timeToWait)

Wait up to a specified time for the selector to find elements.

sendKeysToPage(string keys)

Sends key to the browser but not specific to any element, useful for testing things like general keyboard shortcuts (that are not specifc to any element).

takeScreenshot(string fileName, string path)

Takes a screenshot which is store in screenshots/* relative to the directory in which you started protractor (unless path is specificed).

resizeBrowser(number width, number height)

Resize the browser.

setImplicitWait(number timeToWait)

Sets the implicit wait timeout for web driver calls.


Repeat a certain keys (or group of keys).


baseUrl (string)

Base URL for the page object.

open(string appendUrl)

Open the browser to a url.



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