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This is a tiny webapp for serving the LODE ontology as HTML and RDF/XML.

The following installation procedure is intended to be run on a local machine, targeting a remote web server. It assumes that the remote web server is running Apache and mod_wsgi, and that the domain and subdomain are pointed to the remote web server's IP address.

** To install: **

  1. Install Fabric on your local machine.
  2. Install virtualenv on your remote web server.
  3. Check out this project to a directory on your local machine, and cd to that directory.
  4. Edit the configuration section of to suit your situation.
  5. Run fab deploy. You will be prompted for the hostname of your remote web server.

** To release a new version of the LODE ontology: **

  1. Install the Redland Python bindings and lxml.
  2. Edit linkedevents.ttl to make your changes. Make sure to set the dcterm:issued property on any new classes or properties.
  3. Run python [date], where [date] is the date of issue of the updated ontology. For example: python 2010-10-07
  4. Inspect the generated files under static/ontology/[date]. If they look OK, update the symbolic link static/ontology/current to point to static/ontology/[date].
  5. Run fab deploy.