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This is a simple benchmarking tool for s3 and google storage. It will generate buffers of a fixed size with random payloads and then upload them to the specified provider.


In the s3 case you need to specify the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_ACCESS_KEY in either the environment or on the command line. In the google case you have to specify the project id and optionally the service account's json key

$ go run *.go s3 --id $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID --key $AWS_ACCESS_KEY
$ go run *.go google my-project-id -a service-account.json

test procedure

This program was used to upload files to S3 and GCS from EC2 and GCP. It was done both across clouds and in the same cloud. In both cases we used uploaded 10,000 files, 100 at a time. We chose 100 kb & 1000 kb files because the majority of files we handle are small, text doesn't take much space.

Machine specs:

  • 2 core
  • 4 GB memory
  • large disks
  • west coast region

The bucket in GCS was a multi-regional. The bucket in AWS was in the same region as the EC2 instance.


Cross Cloud

from to concurrency kb/file # files generation ns upload ns
gce s3 100 100 10000 5329173054488 1566737502449
gce s3 100 1000 10000 61293681801836 2618097434728
ec2 gcs 100 100 10000 3649485826597 3408973228791
ec2 gcs 100 1000 10000 67847580371015 4151692912402

Same Cloud

from to concurrency kb/file # files generation ns upload ns
gce gcs 100 100 10000 3753495038963 3334422390625
gce gcs 100 1000 10000 59550670730615 3442640357291
ec2 s3 100 100 10000 6363562062251 751838563352
ec2 s3 100 1000 10000 69511973302665 1360465822324