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Generative Art & Creative Code Fall 2014

This collaborative course focuses on Generative Art, Creative Coding, and Implementing Emerging Technologies. Students will employ industry-standard methods, tools, and workflow to efficiently design and animate within the browser in a real-world environment. Advanced web standards, workflow, usability, testing, iterations, and implementation will be covered.

Class Wiki & Facebook Group'


  • You are required to attend class, read the assigned materials, complete and submit all homework assignments, and gernerate a collaborative final project with other class members.
  • If you need to miss class please let me know in advance if possible.
  • Grading Breakdown
    • Homework Assignments: 35%
    • Attendance & Participation: 35%
    • Collaborative Final Project: 40%

##Class Ethos

  • Everyone has a voice
    • in shaping how the class goes
    • providing feedback
    • offering up solutions, especially if you have a better solution than I do
  • Self-directed learning
  • The space to be wrong
    • This is all an experiment, it’s experimental art / code
    • No idea is a bad idea
    • Do not be afraid to fail
    • Being wrong can create new ideas that shape the project
  • Flexibility
    • The outline of the class can change
    • The scope of your projects can change bigger or smaller
  • Sharing & Open Source
    • Sharing ideas, knowledge, and inspiration
    • By helping each other it advances the whole group so we can all get deeper into the material.
  • Engagement
    • Come to class ready to be in class
    • Projects are group focused and hands on


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