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Generalized Entropy Regularization

This library is built on top of fairseq (pytorch).

Generalized entropy regularization can be used with any probabilistic model and data set. Just set the --criterion flag to jensen_cross_entropy and specify --alpha and --beta when running fairseq-train. Specify --use-uniform to use the uniform distribution as the baseline. Otherwise, the unigram distribution with annealing parameter --T will be used (run fairseq-train --help to see all options).


Neural Machine Translation

Preprocess data following examples in the Translation README. A convolutional model can then be trained on IWSLT'14 (De-En) with the following command:

fairseq-train data-bin/ \
			--arch fconv_iwslt_de_en --max-tokens 4000 --update-freq 8 \
            --clip-norm 0.1 --dropout 0.2 --criterion jensen_cross_entropy \
            --lr-scheduler fixed --min-lr 1e-8 --lr 0.5 --alpha 0.5 \
            --beta 0.7 --use-uniform

Likewise, a Transformer can be trained as follows:

fairseq-train data-bin/ \
		    --arch transformer_iwslt_de_en --share-decoder-input-output-embed \
		    --optimizer adam --adam-betas '(0.9, 0.98)' --clip-norm 0.0 \
		    --lr 5e-4 --lr-scheduler inverse_sqrt --warmup-updates 4000 \
		    --dropout 0.3 --weight-decay 0.0001 --max-tokens 4000 \
		    --criterion jensen_cross_entropy  --alpha 0.5 \
            --beta 0.7 --use-uniform

Generation is the same as in the Fairseq Translation README.

Abstractive Summarization

Download the CNN/DailyMail data set according to the BART README. Follow their suggested training method, setting --criterion to jensen_cross_entropy and specifying --alpha, --beta, and --use-uniform (if desired).

Other models can be trained using the same methodology as above. See fairseq documentation for more options.

Requirements and Installation

  • PyTorch version >= 1.2.0
  • Python version >= 3.6
  • For training new models, you'll also need an NVIDIA GPU and NCCL
  • For faster training install NVIDIA's apex library with the --cuda_ext and --deprecated_fused_adam options


git clone
cd entropy_regularization
pip install --editable .


This code is for the paper Generalized Entropy Regularization or: There’s Nothing Special about Label Smoothing featured in ACL 2020. Please cite as:

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Feel free to include the fairseq citation as well; they're awesome.

    title = "fairseq: {A} Fast, Extensible Toolkit for Sequence Modeling",
    author = "Ott, Myle  and
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Code for Generalized Entropy Regularization paper



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